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Happy Hoopin'
Mondays starting April 3
275 Huntington Road, Stratford
Drop-in fee: $15

Happy Hoopin'
Thursdays beginning April 3
Shelton Community Center, 41 Church St, Shelton
4:45pm-5:45pm Ages 5-12
8 weeks/$45

Hippity Hoopla
Saturday, April 12
A Child's Garden, 20 Ivy Brook Road, Shelton
$25 per hooper

Happy Hoopin'
Tuesdays beginning April 22
156A Roosevelt Drive, Seymour
Ages 6-12
6 weeks/$85

Tuesdays beginning April 22
156A Roosevelt Drive, Seymour
Adult Fitness
6 weeks/$85
We bring the Fun back into fitness.
Where you can find our Hoops:
Please visit our Friends:
We custom design and hand-make each hoop with love.
We bring the Hoopla to adult fitness classes, children’s
hoop-dance classes, birthday parties, enrichment and after-school programs, pre-schools, and to any event where having FUN is key.
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